Hi ! I'm Manlo. My artistic journey is rooted in the intersections of technology, culture, and imagination. It began with an innovative foundation in UI/UX design, where I worked with commercial clients such as MTV, Zynga, and Amazon. This vibrant experience honed my perception of aesthetics and user-centered design, connecting people with technology in beautiful, intuitive ways.

The unforeseen challenges of the Covid pandemic ignited a transformation in my creative path. In a time of global uncertainty, I found solace in exploring new artistic horizons, connecting with my daughters through the creation of educational content, and breathing new life into my past art pieces.

My curiosity blossomed into a diverse and avant-garde portfolio. From the celestial intricacy of composite nebula cell art, playful journey of Lego animated art, to surrealistic Chinese characters posters. Drawing on inspirations from the natural world, the timeless wisdom of I-ching, contemporary social events, and a sprinkle of humor, my work transcends conventional boundaries with technology.

Under the artistic alias InfoRemix, I champion a philosophy that echoes our increasingly interconnected world: "Everything is a remix; steal ethically & mutate gracefully." This motto encapsulates my belief that artists are catalysts for innovation, reimagining existing ideas to birth something truly original and resonant. I firmly believe that it is our responsibility, as artists, to infuse each creation with a unique touch, crafting and contributing to the future of art and design in an ever-evolving world.