Hey there! I'm Manlo, an artist and designer based in sunny California. I originally came to the United States to study graphic design, but I ended up sticking around because I fell in love with the freedom and creative opportunities here.

I am fascinated with blockchain technology and it has the power to create a more decentralized future. What does that mean? Well, it means that anyone can create and share their work without censorship or those pesky gatekeepers. It's all about immutable truth and transparency.

By day, I run my own design studio, where I dive deep into the realm of visual communication. But it's during my free time that I unleash my alter ego, InfoRemix ~ Nebula designer. With this persona, I explore the intricate beauty of microscopic art, revealing the hidden wonders that exist beyond our naked eye. I'm also a Digital Lego animator, and an A.I explorer, venturing into vector art and the realm of the latent space.

My goal as an artist is to create something that's totally unique, innovative, and inspiring. So join me on this wild ride into the decentralized future.Thanks for supporting my work.