Topik VR App

A social platform connects VR and mobile users.
The Challenge
As in 2017, the majority of consumers do not own a VR headset. Due to the ergonomic and hardware limitation, the average use time of was about 15-20 mins.
Project Overview
We design Topik as a solution which users can broadcast live conversation to VR users via the mobile device without a VR headset.

Brand Development


Creating the Foundation

I started by creating a Flowmap, in order to have a high-level view over the core user flows. This helped creating the foundation for designing the app and communication with developers.

You can play games like VR golf, basketball, spin the bottle and trivia.

Watch and listen to debates, share thoughts through group chat.

Your VR Soapbox

Be part of the conversation even outside VR using mobile app mode.

Share genuine opinions, with a secret identity avatars.

Produced UIĀ components to ensure consistency across the different experiences created.

Design System


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