Lantern Credit

Design a white-labeled credit score system used by enterprise clients.
The Challenge
Clients need to customize the interface with their branding through a content management system. Present an engaging way to entice customers to improve their score with goal setting.
Project Overview
Create a component-based style guide and design system to help clients to manage their designs and branding across desktop and mobile platforms. As well as the illustration and the animation for application.

Icon Set


A styleguide ensures consistency across the different experiences created.

Design System


We use a tri-tone color system, so the client can update with their brand with ease.

When applying color to the navigation bar. Primary color will be presented on the focus state.

Clients can choose contained or outlined style. When using multiple buttons, you can place a outlined button (medium emphasis) next to a contained button (high emphasis).

Users have an actionable to do list for how to improve their credit.

Goals provide a cohesive narrative for the user engagement.

Users can simulate overall delta score changes based on suggested actions

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