Fruit ARtist

Design an AR puzzle game
Project Overview
Fruit ARtist is an exciting augmented reality puzzle game featuring some of your favorite fruits! This interesting  puzzle game that can help you to build cognitive and test your 3D spacial memory.
The Challenge
I teamed up with 1 Unity developer and a 3d generalist and the game was completed in 4 weeks from design to finish. It showcased the agency's AR capability and planned to realease in Topik as a mini game.


By playing off the name AR + Artist, I chose to use different warm color to present the fun and playfulness of the identity.


Art Direction & Game Play

I designed a giant cake dashboard as the center of the stage. Players can track the progress and revisit the pasted level.

Game Rules: Players have 5 seconds to memorize the fruit art position, and they have to reassemble the model in order.

Game Play Demo

User Testing

We show the MVP to 5 users and gather feedback for improvement for the next iteration.

Reflection & the next step

  • Puzzle design - It is harder than I thought to remember the position and order of the fruits with more than 10 pieces.
  • Creator Mode - Users can use items from the food library to make their own puzzle and share to his friends. Users can also vote on play other’s creation and show on leaderboard.

  • Improve interaction feedback - The ring is too small to drag the item into the position and needs a better design to adjust the angle according to player's position.

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